Ikebana herfsttentoonstelling te Potterij Zaalberg

Potterij Zaalberg houdt “ikebana herfsttentoonstelling” 25 oktober – 2 november.   LINK


Sogetsu ikebana exhibition Meise 26-27 oktober

Atsuko Bersma & Students welcome you to the 23rd edition of their annual exhibition. It will be held at the National Botanic Garden from 10:00-16:30. Garden entrance is €6 …..LINK

Mrs. Bersma is a wonerful ikebana teacher.  If you have any chance to visit ther , please give my best regards!!!


“Highlighting JAPAN”

The following news are to find on the website: LINK

– Regional Cities Revitalize

– Smart Wellness City machi-zukuri
– “Energy-Efficient Architecture” Fujisawa Smart town Project (Fujisawa SST)
– Car Sharing
– Queen Bees in Ginza
– Onpaku – A recipe for revitalization

– Obon

– Plant Factories
– Food Pioneer, Taeko Takigami
– Gifu/Gunma cycling

Now Japan Exhibition with 37 contemporary Japanese artists

This autumn Kunsthal KAdE presents a major exhibition of Japanese art today. The group show will feature 37 contemporary artists of Japanese origin. Over the last fifteen years, Takashi Murakami and his Superflat- movement have stolen the show with his cartoon-like figurative style, based on manga and anime. This has dominated recent exhibitions of contemporary Japanese art in Europe…LINK