KYOTO Trip+ app has been launched

“KYOTO Trip+,” is an official application offering tourists and citizens in all over Kyoto Prefecture Tourism and Disaster information.
We support each and every one a comfortable Kyoto tourism and Kyoto life.We offer you with reliable information from Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, local governments in Kyoto prefecture and tourist organizations.
In terms of sightseeing information we offer not only sightseeing spots, seasonal events, transit information but we would like to recommend tourism in Kyoto you would be interested in.
So, in terms of disaster information for your safety, we also offer information about any kind of disaster information and evacuation information in case of a disaster or an emergency by setting up alert information.

iOS App:
Android App:

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Samurai stash rivals top collections


DALLAS – Gabriel Barbier-Mueller bought his first samurai armor about 20 years ago from an antiques dealer in Paris, sparking a fascination that helped him create one of the most significant private collections in the world related to the Japanese warriors.


Although the vast majority of the Texas-based businessman’s pieces come from auction houses, art dealers and collectors, he still relishes visiting small European antiques stores seeking hidden treasures and strolling flea markets, as he adds helmets, weapons and other samurai artifacts that span the centuries……LINK