Nihon no hanga expositie

“Nihon no hanga” betekent: Prenten van Japan.   In mei komt er een speciale expositie.  Interieur van het gebouw en de Japanse tuin zijn zeker een bezoekje waard!

Nostalgia and Modernity:
The Styles of Komura Settai and Kawanishi Hide
After six thematic exhibitions Nihon no Hanga will shift its focus to two specific artists: Komura Settai (1877-1940) and Kawanishi Hide (1894-1965). The juxtaposition of the works of Settai and Hide….. LINK

Foto expositie Aardbeving en Tsunami

“The Will for Tomorrow” – Kei Sato’s Photography Exhibition of the
Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster in March 2011 and 1 year later-
 「明日への意志」 佐藤 慧 東日本大震災写真展

Dates:      April 16th (Monday) to May 11th (Friday) 2012
Time:   Mon – Fri 9:00-18:00, Sat & Sun Closed
Venue:     2nd floor, A tower, World Trade Center Amsterdam
Address: Strawinskylaan 1  1077 XW Amsterdam

March 11th was a sorrowful anniversary for tsunami victims in Japan. You will witness how the devastated area has changed within this past year at this photography exhibition. This exhibition aims to share the experience of Japan and show Japanese people’s gratitude to all people in the world for having provided considerable support to Japan. Kei Sato is a Japanese photojournalist who has been extensively reporting on the situation of the tsunami affected area and communicating to the world since he lost his beloved mother to the tsunami.
RSM Japanese students have organized the same exhibition at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University from 5th to 23th March 2012, sponsored by Nikon Europe B.V.