Mijn planten en bloemen Hosta, Hortensia, Schoenlappersplant

Toen mijn moeder bezig was om een schikking te maken met planten uit de tuin, riep ze mij om me deze kleine bezoeker te laten zien.  ( hortensia,  schoenlappersplant  hosta ) 母が庭からあじさい、ぎぼうし、ヒマラヤユキノシタを取ってきていけているさいちゅう、こんな小さなお客さんがきてるよ、と呼びますので一枚撮影。

Human Chain Action for a Nuclear Free World in Amsterdam

Sunday, 29th July, 2012, 12:00 – 14:00 DAM square, Amsterdam

To prevent the same tragedy that happened and still taking place in Fukushima. To protect the coming generations from the burden of today’s society. We must stand for shutting down all the nuclear reactors active today. The human chain is the token of such will for our future. Human chain action in Amsterdam is the spreading wave from Tokyo, Japan Where  they make the same action on the same day at the same time. …LINK