Camera Japan Festival 2013

2013Dates overview CAMERA JAPAN Festival 2013:
25–29 September | Rotterdam LantarenVenster
1-4 October | Amsterdam Melkweg Cinema
4-6 October | Amsterdam Kriterion

2013 theme: conTradition
Japan is an island where centuries-old traditions still live on to this day, but is also known as a modern and westernised culture. But how can, in a country that is so modernised, people still continue to cling to their traditions? When taking a closer look at these traditions you will see that seemingly old traditions…..LINK

Knee-high robot Kirobo sent off to space

kiroboA 30- centimeter high robot named Kirobo with red boots and black and white body was sent off from Japan to the International Space Station to show how machines can make astronauts’ life better in space.  The Japanese-speaking robot does not only have a friendly interface. It is also equipped with voice- and facial-recognition technology and was shipped on a cargo vessel along with tons of supplies…..LINK

Kitaro Ookawa Bijeenkomst op De Nieuwe Ooster 22 sep.

Kitaroo Van Doorn1Langs de hoofdlaan van begraafplaats De Nieuwe Ooster staat het monument van de Japanner Ookawa Kitaroo. Hij overleed op 21 september 1865 in Amsterdam. Hij was een ambachtsman die als lid van een groep van 15 Japanse mannen in 1863 in Nederland voet aan wal zette. Het doel van hun verblijf was zich te bekwamen in hun beroep en…..  (voor de details: graag contact opnemen met Masako)